Unchartered Creativity
Find The Artist In You! We Offer a Fully Mobile Canvas Painting Experience.


                      Contact Us:                                  Text: 404.663.8728

E-mail: uncharteredcreativity@yahoo.com

Facebook, Living Social/Groupon Bookings

Please fill out the following form to sign up using your Facebook discount, Living Social and/or Groupon. We are closed Sunday-Tuesday unless we have a private party or special event. Coupons from 3rd parties are only valid for blue links and we only reserve 4 spaces per class for discounts from 3rd parties. Please understand that if you are paying with a 3rd party coupon and do not show for your class that your coupon will no longer be valid (this includes being late past 15 minutes). No refunds for missing a class (must cancel 24 hours in advance for individual and 1 week for private event).  No private events with 3rd party coupons. Make sure to be 15-20 minutes early for your class.  Our artist have the right to turn late guest away 15 minutes into the painting class and your class will not be refunded.