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Find The Artist In You! We Offer a Fully Mobile Canvas Painting Experience.


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Summer Field Trips for Schools and Camps


  •     Weekdays, June 10th -28th
  •     Weekdays,  July 8th -13th


  •    $10.00 per child for 15+ campers: 2 hours of studio time
  •   $12.00 per child If Less than 15 children
  •   $15.00 per child if less than 10 children
  •   $20.00 per child if 5 children or less
  •   max of 24 children


  •    Daily Session 1: 9:30-11: 30
  •    Daily Session 2: 1:30-3:30


  •       7-14

What a child would learn:

Each camp session will be geared toward your school/camp and the age groups of the children.  We specialize in painting; however, we also offer drawing, clay, and other crafts.

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