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Nathan Waterhouse

Artist Statement and Works for Sale

The visual splendor of our natural landscape and the unique, complex and ever changing relationships that link us human beings together are the primary driving forces behind my artwork. More often than not, each piece I produce is some combination of acrylic painting, collage, drawing, and/or stenciling. I am drawn to creating mixed media artwork as I believe each individual media has properties that are best suited to visually represent the artwork that builds from a feeling or memory related to an experience. I also, enjoy the challenge that mixing media creates for me; it forces more planning on my part, and controls the creative process. In the end, it is the battles, processes, challenges, and discoveries made while working to discover the complexity of nature, and human nature, that keep me creating.


Acrylic on Canvas,

Three Panel 72’ x 36’, 2008



Family Shares Life Not Forget You


Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media 36" x 48", 2005




Protect It


Oil on Canvas, Mixed Media 36.25" x 42", 2004



Shot With Lies


Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media 36" x 48”, 2006



Billboard - Surgeon General's Warning

Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media 24" x 24", 2006